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2016 Moon Phase Chart - The timing of moon phases and zodiac signs to help you with gardening.

Zodiac Gardening Basics
The basic principles of gardening by the zodiac signs and the phases of the moon.

  • Seeds and Transplants - Adjusting seed planting and transplanting to the signs of the zodiac.
  • Harvesting and Preservation - Reaping and saving your harvest by the stars.
  • Garden Maintenance - Maintaining a robust garden by observing the zodiac signs.
  • Holistic gardening

    It is commonly held by organic gardeners that the phases of the moon and position of the constellations combine to enhance or hinder plant growth and seed germination. This is a belief that is not new but has come down to us from mankinds long march through time.

    Moon and zodiac crop growing was first discovered by ancient farmers and now is a part of the present organic gardening movement.

    Today, modern growers and home gardeners alike are turning back to this holistic approach to husbandry and plant growth. These organic, holistic methods of gardening are especially well suited to the home garden.

    Moon phase, position and signs of the zodiac

    To fully apply the basics of zodiac sign gardening you must take into account the position of the moon and it's relationship to the zodiac constellations. The optimum time for seed planting, transplanting, growing and harvesting is when the moon crosses whichever of the zodiac constellations that benefits that particular task.

    It is also important to consider the phase of the moon at the time of this juxtaposition of moon and stars. Individual gardening chores are most effective when they occur at times of favorable coincidence between moon phase and the zodiac sign. Below we will look at the phases of the moon and how each zodiac sign affects particular gardening tasks when lunar position, phase and the stars coincide.

    Two step zodiac gardening

    Step 1 - Moon phases and plant growth

    Each phase of the moon either benefits plant growth or discourages it. Here you can see all of the moon's phases or it's many faces throughout a lunar month. As you can see the lunar disk grows in brightness during it's early phases and darkens through the latter phases. The brightening of the moon is known as a waxing moon and the dimming of it is called a waning moon.

    Diagram showing the full range of moon phases.
    Diagram showing the full range of moon phases

    The Waxing Moon promotes growth above ground

    When the moon passes from new moon to full moon it is said to be waxing. This is considered to be the optimal time to plant above ground crops. These are plants that grow and produce their yield above the soil.

    The Waning Moon promotes growth below the soil

    When the moon passes from full moon to new moon it is said to be waning. This is considered to be the best time to plant below ground crops. These are plants that produce their bounty beneath the soil.

    Step 2 - Zodiac signs and their effects on growing plants

    Coupled with the phase of the moon the zodiac signs add an extra element to plant growth. It is a convenient method of knowing the right time for planting, growing or reaping. The moon cycles through all the constellations that makeup the zodiac during a lunar month.

    As seen from the earth the moon is superimposed upon each of the zodiac signs for a time. These windows of opportunity are considered to be the best times to perform various gardening tasks. And in so doing provide your plants with optimal conditions for growth. In other words, agricultural chores are most effective when the moon is passing through specific zodiac constellations. It is a means of fine tuning your gardening and ensuring that these tasks are timed correctly.

    Fertile Zodiac Signs (Time to plant and prune)

    Each sign of the zodiac is considered to be an earth, air, fire, or water sign. Fertile signs are water and earth signs. The earth and water signs, when crossed by the moon, are optimal times for seed planting and also pruning to encourage healthy growth.

    Barren Zodiac Signs (Time to maintain the garden)

    Air and fire signs are barren signs. Gardening activities such as weeding, tilling the soil, and pruning should be done while the moon is in one of these zodiac signs.

    The zodiac signs and your garden

    Zodiac signs are individually identified with one of four elements. In astrology these elements are earth, air, fire or water. When the moon is in a water sign, for example, it is considered to be the best time for planting leafy plants as they prefer the water signs.

    The water signs:

    These signs encourage the growth of above ground leafy annuals; Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. During a conjunction with the moon these signs encourage the growth of above ground leafy annuals and it is the best time to plant them.

    The earth signs:

    Planting and transplanting seedlings during this time will encourage root development. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are also fertile signs. Below ground growth is associated with earth signs. Root crops are best when planted now and transplanting during this time will encourage root development.

    The air signs:

    When the moon is in an air sign it is a good time to harvest and cultivate; Libra, Aquarius and Gemini work for some plants, but are in general considered to be barren and dry. An exception to that rule is Libra which is considered to be semi-fertile and good for planting blooming flowers and herbals.

    Plant melons in Gemini, and onions in Aquarius for a bountiful crop of these garden staples. Also, when the moon is in an air sign it is a good time for harvesting and preservation.

    The fire signs:

    Harvesting during a fire sign will help prevent spoilage, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are also barren and dry, but it is still a good time to plant crops grown for their seeds. Leo, when it is ruled by the moon, is a good sign in which to do your weeding and soil preparation. Also, harvesting during a fire sign will help prevent spoilage. Some plants have better results with a certain sign or element.

    Void of the moon:

    Do nothing in your garden now! The time of transition from one zodiac sign to the next is the considered to be the void of the moon.

    Avoid doing any work in your garden during this period. Instead, take a break and focus on the planning of your dream garden.

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