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Organic Gardening Guide
Organic gardening guide for growing the best home produce in your own backyard.

  • Soil Preparation - Creating the perfect seedbed for an organic garden.
  • Fertilizers - Providing the proper organic nutrition for garden plants.
  • Water Requirements - Proper water delivery and quantity for your organic garden.
  • Light Requirements - Providing illumination that enhances the photosynthesis of your plants.
  • Composting - Creating the perfect soil from the remnants of organic matter.
  • Companion Planting - Plantings that promote the well being of your organic garden.
  • A guide to organic gardening

    Enjoy an abundant organic harvest Organic gardening is the oldest civilized activity of humankind, and it is still one of the most rewarding and least complicated.

    You provide food for your table that is healthy and at the same time harvest the wonder that comes from watching nature at work.

    But even though this universal pastime is pleasant and simple there are certain rules of plant growth that must be considered before you begin.

    If you've never turned a spadeful of earth (or even if you've gardened for years by rule of thumb), sections of this guide will help you to understand the soil underfoot: what it's composed of, how to improve it, how to water it and add nutrients for good plant growth.

    The basics of organic home gardening

    Once you've dealt, literally, with the groundwork, you can delve into special techniques such as seed planting, growing cuttings, and soil amendments. You can learn how to be a wise nursery shopper, and how to get your plant off to a good start after you bring it home.

    This guide also cover such specialties as outdoor gardening in containers, indoor plants and vegetable gardening. A special gardening glossary interprets some of the special gardening jargon that old hands like to toss around in conversation.

    Here, then, is a guide to garden fundamentals. You'll find it comes in handy from the day you choose your first spade to the time later on when you may decide to try your hand at something more challenging. See the main topics index at the top of this page to begin your adventure into organic gardening.

    Tips for beginners

    The following conclusions and advice are based on the observations of many gardeners who like you were once novices in the garden.
    • Don't get into emotional knots about gardening. Enjoy it!

    • Don't be too ambitious the first year or so, while you develop your skill. Take on just a little at a time.

    • Beware of impulse buying. Make a plan, and know why you need a plant and where you're going to put it before you start shopping.

    • Get the basic plants in first, working on a long-term plan. The first to go in should be your major shade trees.

    • Remember that plants develop rapidly. Shrubs and trees will grow large sooner than you think.

    • Don't plant bulbs and other flowers in a long single-file row. They'll look better in groups.

    • Keep a notebook of suggestions to yourself about what you want to plant where, dates to do things, and dates you have done them.

    • You must thin annuals. Otherwise they will stretch up and become lanky.

    • Get ideas by visiting other gardens. Drive about to see what is in bloom each week.

    • Learn identification of plants by sending for illustrated seed and nursery catalogues.

    How to cultivate your green thumb

    Approach gardening as an exhilarating adventure! You are going to create beauty with living plants that grow and change from day to day, and month to month, as you watch and nurture them.
    This is exciting, fascinating and satisfying in more ways than you can imagine. As your knowledge grows, through experiment and error, the inner workings of nature begin to show themselves.

    The peace and confidence that comes with this new understanding of our world and the forces of life are well worth the effort that you put into it.

    Planting a victory gardenLet me be your guide to optimizing your organic gardening. I will attempt to introduce you to basic gardening techniques, plants you should know and explain the basic how and why of growing them.

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